The Umbrella Method

Let's Start With Why

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s start with the ‘WHY’ behind this program and how it came to be.

As a Primary School Teacher and now Primary PE teacher, I have long seen the fundamental areas of children’s physical development neglected.  Through no fault of their own, many children are arriving at Secondary School unprepared for the PE curriculum ahead and severely lacking in basic skills they need to access it.

This program is intended not as a stand alone Primary PE Curriculum, but as a program that will supplement the already excellent teaching you are doing and help foster improvement.

Harsh Truths

Physical Development needs as much nurturing as anything else that children do in school.  We ‘rehearse’ times tables, spelling and phonics daily, but rarely take the time to work on any fundamental physical skills. Taking into account many children will also be doing little if any of this at home, it’s no wonder they are lacking come year 7! By working in time (5-10 mins) into your school day and following this program, your students can begin to construct their own Umbrella of Skills that they can access throughout their school career and the rest of their lives when needed.

Umbrella Method Insta

What Is It?

The Umbrella Method works on the concept that ‘rehearsal makes permanent’. This is a structured program covering 6 areas of fundamental skills, which, when embedded, support the continual development and growth of children’s Physical Literacy journey.

I see these fundamental skills as essential for all children to develop and master if they are to flourish and thrive in their Physical Literacy journey once they leave Primary School. Taking on, and progressing through the steps in this pack will help your children develop skills that they can transfer to a wide variety of areas not only in PE, but other aspects of their life too!

Below you can see sample sheets of the ‘Throw & Catch’ progression.  Beginning at the red stage and working on through the coloured levels until black.  Grab a FREE SAMPLE of these sheets by clicking the button below!

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Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.  The very building blocks of your Physical Education Umbrella.


Open up a range of possibilities in how you interact with the environment by mastering basic jumping skills. 

Throw & Catch

Making your hands as safe as possible. Without developing this fundamental skill to a competent level, many other activities are simply inaccessible!


Speed & Stamina, building on fitness levels to incorporate into every day life.


Often neglected and seen as something you only do if you like/play football, there is much to be said for developing ‘foot-eye’ co-ordination.


Using your arm as a means to hit a moving object or even a bat/racket, this is an essential skill that opens up opportunities if harnessed.