Self-Guided Progressions 

Kung Fu Catching
Ball Skills Challenge web

Jump into a quick fire warm up with this self guided partner catching game.  Who will achieve the legendary orange belt? Click below for the PDF Graphic!

Have your Students challenge their Hand-Eye Co-ordination with this self-guided progression. Ideal for and Net & Wall games unit, this allows the children to explore using their hand to strike a ball.  Allow the Students to choose the ball they use and watch them go!

Racket Skills Challenge web
Spikeball Pairs Web

Another Great addition to a Net & Wall games topic. This self guided visual is super for a quick warm up activity or to be used as a recap to simple racket skills. Students work on a level that they are comfortable.  Consider using it multiple lessons on the bounce and have the children set goals to try and progress. I’ve used it as a great talking point for reflecting on strengths & weaknesses.

I love Spikeball! It is such a great game for working on vital hand-eye co-ordination skills. This is a very simple progression sheet, allowing students to work in pairs in order to progress. I allow the students a choice of 3 ball sizes to personalise their challenge and watch them flourish.  Consider rotating partners and see if they can coach each other as they go! 

Spikeball Doubles web
Ball Strike Net web

Advancing on the pairs progression, this small self-guided sheet allows students to work in small groups of four to complete a more complex task.  Take time to reflect, both during and after the progression on how they are doing/did.  How can they improve?  What will their next steps be?

Introducing a net is often exciting for the children! Don’t have a net? Then use some tape and some tall cones.  Don’t have tape or cones? Use some small benches found in all primary school halls! Children continue using their hand to throw and then strike a ball towards a partner, leading into rallying. Easily adapted to use rackets if the children are more advanced!

3 hoop target web
figure 8 footwork web

Here is a fun alternative to pairs or even doubles Spikeball! The students play in small groups of three, with the emphasis starting off on co-operation and rallying.  As they progress through the levels  it leads to competition.  Great fun all round. 

I simply love this activity! I have often done this as teacher led, but making this graphic will allow students to take ownership themselves. It can be used in any unit of work as a quick fire warm up and focuses on agility as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Don’t let the students have all of the fun either, have a go yourself!

Partner rally challenge web
Spikeball Doubles Rally

Back to the lesson starter progressions…Superb for the first 5 minutes of a lesson to get the children moving immediately. In this challenge they work in pairs to perform a rally into a hoop.  As they progress they must use a smaller ball and complete more!

Most suited to UKS2 (10-11 Years old or above) this further challenges the students and progresses them towards a full Spikeball game. Students should already be at a suitable level when it comes to striking a ball before attempting this.  Key emphasis on communication, accuracy and control.

Throw & Catch challenge web

More Instant activities for the students to sink their teeth into.  

This time, the focus is on throwing and catching.  Ensure you have a range of objects for them to choose including bibs, bean bags, coats and a variety of balls. Observe them take on the challenge and guide the students if/where necessary. 

This could be a great starter to a lesson centred around catching as it would form a basis of discussion on what you need to do to be successful at catching! So get Unpacking!