The Podcast

"Think progress, not perfection"

Ryan Holiday


I founded The PE Umbrella in September 2015 by shortly after leaving my first stint as a primary school teacher.  Having just made the transition to work as a PE specialist, working alongside other teachers in the Harrogate area, I saw an opportunity to offer remote PE CPD through podcasting.

Having listened to podcasts as my own mental release and ‘Education on the go’, I saw the opportunity that this kind of learning could bring in our busy world. Whether at the gym, out for a walk or doing house chores there is always an opportunity to learn.

Working alongside Primary teachers, it became blindingly obvious that they hadn’t been fully prepared for delivering quality PE in primary schools, in no small part due to the lack of time dedicated to this during Initial Teacher Training (ITT).

After months planning, the PE Umbrella Podcast was born in October 2015 with the simple aim of providing actionable advice that could be implemented immediately and make a difference around the world on a weekly basis. 

Now, over 200 episodes later we continue to fly the flag for outstanding Primary PE around the world through our interviews, reflections and free resources.