In this section you will find a number of assessment based resources that I have created and use in my teaching curriculum. The vast majority are self-assessment based, allowing the students themselves to see where they are in their learning journey.  The premise for much of this is based around ‘I can’ statements, promoting a positive attitude and a growth mindset towards their learning. I hope you find these resources as useful as I have!

exit ticket web
Ball Striking self-assessment web

These are a great way for students to self reflect on their achievement as they leave my lesson.  Every lesson I have a ‘Learning Intention’ that might centre around something Physical, Social, Emotional or Thinking. Maybe even a couple of things. I ask the children to High 5 these posters that are stuck by the exit to the hall, acknowledging how they think they faired against the criteria for that lesson. I often have children visualise and sometimes share with the class beforehand to solidify and give justification to their decision.

This is where my self assessment journey began.  This self assessment pack contains 1x self-assessment sheet that can be used to finish a unit (or at the beginning and end to see the comparison). Students create their own web by connecting 3 dots in a target area, the closer towards the middle they are, the better they are becoming. The ‘I can’ statements help the students justify their decision against set criteria that covers the Physical, Social, Cognitive and Affective domains.  Also included in the pack are three posters, showing what the success criteria for the unit will be.  I display these in a prominent position throughout my unit and refer back to them often.

self guided challenge web
Racket Skills Self assessment web

I decided to produce this sheet as a reflection tool to accompany my self guided progressions. I use it only occasionally, but it allows the students to reflect on their performance in any given progression. They are encouraged to state what level they achieved, any successes /areas to improve and also their mindset about the challenge before and after it. Best used with UKS2 (10-11 year olds and above)

This Racket Skills Self-Assessment pack contains the self assessment sheet and three accompanying posters displaying the success criteria.  Building upon the striking assessment, this pack is ideal for a ‘Net & Wall’ games unit and can be added to a portfolio of self assessments that your students complete.

Passing With Feet Self Assessment web
Lesson Ending Reflection Sheets

This Passing Skills (with feet) Self-Assessment pack contains the self assessment sheet and three accompanying posters displaying the success criteria.  Suited to a ball skills unit, particularly with football, the success criteria form a basis of correct passing technique and allow the students to consider their learning in the cognitive, social and affective domains too!

These sheets are perfect for the 5 minute cool down period after your students change back into their uniform.  The best thing is, using these sheets often speeds them up getting changed too!  Allow me to explain…

The students are asked to sit in a small group/circle around the 4 sheets that are placed onto the floor infant of them.  They then take it in turns thrown a ping pong ball onto one of the sheets. Whichever sheet it hits, they must read and complete a statement on that sheet e.g. “This lesson I was successful at…”

Whoever caught the ball then repeats.

Encourage the students to listen to each other and respect the thoughts of others as they reflect on their learning for that lesson.

The 4 Umbrellas Web
Fundamental Movement Posters

The 4 Umbrellas assessment tool is intended for students in KS2 and upwards.  The premise here is that students reflect on the 4 learning domains (4 umbrellas) as a means to touch base with what they can/can’t do yet.  In this pack you will find visual posters that can be displayed to explain what the domains are, and the accompanying sheets for the students to fill in.

We all carry around a metaphorical PE umbrella in our lives, it acts as a shield to protect us/help us overcome lives obstacles.  This umbrella has been built from our lives experiences.  Let’s start making our students aware of the importance of carrying a PE Umbrella and help them reflect to strengthen their own.

You can watch a quick video explaining them HERE!

Inspired by the ever magnificent Joey Feith @phys_educator for some time now, I have used his awesome gym visuals for my program.  I love his concept posters but wanted them to begin to tie in with the other PE Umbrella visuals that I am starting to use in my school.

To that end, I created these very simple movement concept posters based on Joeys idea, but ones that fit my Umbrella concept of Physical Education.  All of these skills are Physical (Blue Umbrella) although some pose questions of how students could accomplish a movement, thus making them think (Green Umbrella).

Hopefully you find these posters useful as a point of reference for students or a discussion starter to reflect on movement.  Either way, grab them below or head over to The Physical Educator to grab Joeys.