Sarah Gietschier-Hartman | Mind, Body and Ki-o-Rahi

“We have a unique opportunity in that we get to teach our students through play…”

Hello and welcome to The PE Umbrella Podcast episode 68, and as always, thank you for giving up your time to join me on the ONLY Primary and Elementary Physed Podcast in the world! I am delighted to welcome my first official guest of 2017 in this episode and it was a real honour having her on the show. Sarah Gietschier-Hartman is a middle school physical educator, presenter and key collaborator in the Physedagogy team. Buckle yourselves in and grab a note pad and pen as Sarah drops some serious knowledge bombs that we all need to hear!

During the episode we discuss:

  • How Sarah keeps her Mind and Body health, Living what she preaches on a daily basis.
  • Insights into her best lesson ever
  • How she escaped from her teaching funk last year
  • Her must have warm up activities
  • Top physed resources we need to all check out
  • Ki-O-Rahi!

sarah gietschier-hartman


Top Resources & Highlights:

Top Warm up’s –  [28:30]

‘Chicken Taco Tag’ and ‘Stomp the Yard’

Best Lesson Ever? [23:05]

Check out Sarah’s Builds for Ki-O-Rahi HERE

Class Management tip [35:30]

Top Resources [37:50]

Start With Why by Simon Sinek





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